Last updated: 01/08/2018

The ‘True Table’ is our take on what the EPL would look like had the referees got the Key Match Incidents (KMIs) correct. Based on The Ref Online Referee Coach Mark Halsey’s view of each and every Premier League game, we construct our table on his weekly review of games – The Verdict, which you can keep up with at the The Ref Online Academy. This is also where you can find out more about on his Referee Ranking’s – our very own ref league table.

Agree or disagree, this table not only provides reflection on what could have been, but also gives you ammunition for those ‘team-talk’ chats down the pub. Share on Twitter to prove where your team should sit, or show your mates why their clubs are higher in the league than they should be!

Take a look at the True Table from the 17/18 season here

Key Match Incidents (KMI’s) are those bits of action where match scorelines are altered. The three main criteria that qualify as a KMI are:

  1. A goal either incorrectly allowed or disallowed.
  2. A penalty either awarded incorrectly or not given when it should have been. Penalties when awarded retrospectively are assumed as scored.
  3. A player either sent off incorrectly or not sent off when he should have been. When red cards are issued or rescinded, depending on the balance of play and the minute the offence/or non-offence takes place, Mark makes a decision only if the game result is affected.

If you think we have missed any important incidents or would like one reviewed then do contact us below or on social media.

-Cardiff City0------
-Crystal Palace0------
-Man City0------
-Man Utd0------
-West Ham0------

Click the game week you would like to view amended results for. Where a result has been changed, we offer a brief explanation as to how the decision came about. For a full explanation subscribe to the The Ref Online Academy where you can access The Verdict.

Those in italics were scores which were altered but had no impact on the table.


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