TheRef.Online is looking to work with aspiring match officials across the world and help them reach the highest levels of the game they can.

Our scholars represent every continent and we will supply them with all the necessary equipment required to progress as a referee. We will commit our time and expertise in analysing and improving their performances and TheRef.Online scholars will be able to attend our specialist training camps receiving free support from our team of coaches.

Scholarship Criteria

We want to work with people who share our ambition and vision for referees.

We want to hear why you want to be part of our programme. Your presentations will be reviewed by our senior management team and submissions can be made at any time.

Please let us know what would make you a great candidate for our programme and we ask that, as a minimum, you cover the following:

  • Can we see that you have a long term commitment to refereeing?
  • Do you have the commitment but find it difficult to obtain the training you would like?
  • To what extent have you developed your refereeing network?
  • Perhaps you have overcome adversity but still retained your passion for refereeing?
  • Are you able to complete the fitness test required in your region?
  • Can you confirm your Body Fats are less than 26% Men, 30% Women?
  • Do you wish us to consider any other relevant information?
  • All applicants must submit a video entitled ‘ A Day In The Life Of A Match Official’. We want to know what makes you tick, what team you support, your work, family, training and match preparation. Please include your name and Country and the video must be no more than 15 minutes long.

If you believe you deserve the chance to be part of the TheRef.Online Scholarship programme then please submit your presentations to  and tell us why you think you deserve a place on the TheRef.Online Scholarship Programme.