Head of Referee Education Paul Rejer was back on his travels again last week with another trip to America to continue his role as a referee mentor within the grassroots game Stateside.

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First he went to Maryland for the Memorial Weekend Tournament, run by Elite Tournaments which involved Paul mentoring referees. With games kicking off at 8am and the final games coming to a close at 7pm, there was plenty of football to be played with referees at the tournament being able to receive assessments from the world’s leading  referee coaches.

Rejer said: “Each mentor would watch three or four games a day alongside coaching and advising the match officials. Beside me there was MLS referee Chris Penso, recently retired FIFA AR Kermit Quisenberry who is now an AR Coach for PRO and experienced mentors such as Don Wilbur and Rob Fereday.”

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Following the tournament, Paul then headed to Connecticut to the state finals. He said: “On the Friday evening they held a clinic where I did two lectures, one on Handball and the other on Recognizing Challenges.

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“Then on Saturday I watched five finals before taking in two on Sunday, on both days listened to the excellent debriefs by the assessors then offered my own advice. Connecticut State run a tremendous program for their referees and they deserve credit for their development of match officials.”


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