Meet The Team

Mark Clattenburg

Mark Clattenburg began his refereeing career in England in 1993 and, after a successful period as an Assistant Referee, was promoted to the Referee’s List in 2000. In 2003, he was elevated to the elite Premier League Select group of Professional Referees, and in 2006 he became a member of the prestigious FIFA International Panel of Referees. Mark represents one of the few referees who could be entrusted with any game in the Premier League, and he was regularly appointed to the most important games being televised around the world. Furthermore, in 2016, he served as the referee for the most important games of the year in all of Europe, including the UEFA Euro Cup 2016 final, the UEFA Champions League final, and the English FA Cup final. Clattenburg was also twice voted the best referee in the world, including at the 2016 Globe Soccer Awards.  His extraordinary ability in the sports field makes him one of the most distinguished figures in football today.

He currently holds a prestigious management position with the distinguished Saudi Arabia Football Federation, with responsibility for over 1000 referees throughout the country, alongside heading up the TheRef.Online in his most recent position as International Academy Director.

Mark Halsey

A former semi-professional goalkeeper, he took up refereeing in 1989 and quickly rose through the ranks onto the National List of Assistant Referees in 1994.

He was promoted to the Referees List of the Football League in 1996 and became a member of the elite list of referees in the Premier League in 1999, turning professional in 2001.

In the same year he was appointed to the FIFA List of Referees and officiated all over the world on some highly notable games.

He retired from the active list in 2013 and joined the coaching team of TheRef.Online later that year.

Mark has also written a bestselling book, ‘Added Time’, and is a renowned motivational public speaker at referee meetings and events up and down the country.

Sonia Denoncourt

In February 1997, Sonia Denoncourt became the first female to referee a professional men’s match in Brazil, when she officiated the opening Campeonato Paulista fixture between São José Esporte Clube and defending champions SociedadeEsportivaPalmeiras.

Sonia was the first woman in the World to referee the first ever women’s football match in the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta USA as well as the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney Australia, deserving the honor of refereeing both the opening and finals games.

She is a former FIFA Referee, FIFA instructor, Head of Women’s Refereeing at FIFA, Director of Refereeing at CONCACAF and CSA.
Denoncourt has refereed for 27 years, including 3 World Cups (1995, 1999, 2003) and 2 Olympic Games (1996 & 2000). Alongside this she has managed and organised refereeing at more than 40 World Cups, 6 Olympic Games, Pan Am and World University Games, etc. She has 5 titles in different Hall of Fames and made her mark to be known as the best female referee in the World for years.

Roger Dilkes

A former youth team player at Huddersfield Town and Rochdale and also semi-professional player in the senior non leagues. He became a football coach prior to taking up the whistle in the mid 70’s.

He joined the National List of Assistant Referees in 1980 and was promoted to the Referees List in 1983. He refereed on the Football League for 9 seasons and in 1992 he was appointed to the elite list of referees on the inception of the Premier League.

Following his active service, he became a Referee Assessor for all competitions in England and then a Referee Coach for Premier League officials in 1999, a role that eventually embraced the Football League and Conference levels of football.

He has been an FA Qualified speaker for over 25 years and is now Technical Director at TheRef.Online.

Paul Rejer

Paul Rejer has over 32 years refereeing experience, which includes 25 years in the professional game.

Following several years in various positions with the Professional Game Match Officials (PGMOL) as a Football League Referee, FIFA & Premier League Assistant Referee, he later moved on to become a Football League and Premier League Assessor. His notable appointments include three World Cup Qualifying Games, two European Cup Semi-Finals, as well as Linesman for the 1994 FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Man Utd, to name but a few.

He later went on to become the PGMOL Select Group Assistant Referee Coach, Manager and Senior Coach. He spent his time there coaching Referees and Assistant Referees, improving the technique and accuracy of decision-making and promoting excellence within the highest echelons of the professional game. This included the coaching and managing of two Assistant Referees at the FIFA World Cup.

In 2012, Paul joined the USA Professional Referees Organization (PRO) in New York as Training & Development Manager, overseeing the training and development for match officials who operate in Major League Soccer (MLS), before becoming their VAR Manager in 2016 – responsible for setting up VAR training for referees.

In 2017, he took on the role of Director of Training & Education, producing and delivering training & education material for officials, whilst developing & delivering guidelines, appraisals and appointments as well as coordinating activities for coaches and assessors. Here he also developed and introduced a subjective marking scheme for the merit table. During his time at PRO, he had notable appointments as the Concacaf/ FIFA Assessor for the Champions’ League (2014 – 2017), Pan Am Games in 2015 and FIFA World Cup Qualifying Assessor (2014 – 2017).

Paul is a recognized leading authority on the FIFA Laws of the Game, in particular Law 11 (Offside) and has produced highly acclaimed Offside Application and Law DVD’s.

Jake Collin

Jake initially started out as a footballer plying his trade at both Everton and Liverpool in his teens before deciding that refereeing would be his chosen career path. Supported by his father Jimmy Collin, the 44 year old started officiating in grassroots football before progressing, ten years later, to the professional game where he quickly found himself running the line regularly in Championship fixtures. In 2008 he made the further step up to the Premier League and two years later was appointed to the FIFA assistant’s panel, refereeing games in the Champions League and Europa League.

The FIFA listed match official, with 240 Premier League games under his belt, left at the start of season 2017/18.

Dr. Matthew Weston Ph.D

Dr Matthew Weston has over 15 years of experience in the practical and theoretical aspects of fitness for soccer officiating. In 1998, Matthew began working with the English Premier and Football League match officials and with the inception of full-time referees in 2001 he started work as the Premier League referees’ Sports Scientist. Following a period working overseas on a FIFA sponsored referee project, Matthew commenced full-time duties for the Professional Game Match Officials as Head of Sports Science.

This role involved match analysis, fitness testing and training prescription and monitoring to match officials involved within the professional English game. Matthew also provided sports science support at the 2003 FIFA World Youth Championships, the 2006 FIFA World Cup and numerous UEFA seminars. Along with a wealth of practical experience, Matthew has written 20 scientific papers, one book chapter and delivered several international presentations on fitness and decision-making in match officials.

Rob Harris

Married with three children, started Refereeing in the Oxfordshire Youth League in 1974, progressed through the Hellenic league to the Southern League Referees list in 1986. Became a Football League Assistant Referee in 1988 and in 1990 was promoted to Referee at Conference National Level.

Appointed to the FIFA Assistant Referees list in 1992. As Assistant Referee, appointed to 1992 FA Cup Final, FA Cup Semi Finals 1991 and 1993, Championship Play off Final 1993, Football League Trophy Final 1993, Football League Cup Final 1994 and Champions League Final 1994 AC Milan v Barcelona. Appointed to National Referee’s List 1994. Appointed to select list (Premier League) 1998. Premier League Refereeing debut August 1998 Charlton Athletic v Southampton. FA Youth Cup Final Referee 1999. Appointed as a PGMOL Referee Coach in August 2004 until July 2010. Joined the TheRef.Online team in April 2014.

Dean Mohareb

Dean started refereeing in 1997 and has been part of the TheRef.Online team since early 2016. In addition to being a qualified teacher he was previously the National Referee Manager at the Football Association.

He has a wealth of experience in developing referees and instructors internationally and has worked for Federations and Organisations in South America, Australasia, United States of America and Europe to improve refereeing standards. Dean was also Course Director for the FA National and International Instructor Courses between 2009-2013.
Dean has retired as an active match official; he operated as a National List Assistant Referee, Premier League Assistant Referee and National List Referee for 11 seasons. Dean is now Director of Football for The Ref Online and the world class international youth tournament, The Youdan Trophy.

Guy Beale

Guy started refereeing in 1978 at the age of 19. By 1987 he was a Contributory League Referee and was soon selected for the National List of Assistant Referees for Season 1988/89.
He officiated on the National List of Assistant Referees for 19 years, including 9 seasons on the Premier League and was promoted to the FIFA List in January 2000. On the domestic scene, Guy officiated on the line at over 350 Football League games and 200 Premier League games including many of the top derby clashes. He also severed on the National Panel List of Referees for 4 years until 2000.

Guy obtained the status of FA Licensed Referee Instructor in 1982 and was active at all levels of referee instruction in the South West of England until 2003.

Following his active refereeing career, Guy officiated as an Assessor on the Football League for 4 Seasons until the end of Season 2011/12.

Andy Hogg

As a former Premier League and FIFA Assistant Referee, Andy brings a wealth of experience to the TheRef.Online team. His career in the professional game extended over 24 seasons, during which time he served both an active match officials and referee assessor/observer, in addition to holding positions of Instructor and FA Coach.

His high profile matches included World Cup qualifying matches in 1997, Champions League appointments in 1998 and 2 appearances at Wembley Stadium in 1996 and 1999 respectively. Now in his 35th consecutive season as a referee, he still officiates grass-roots football.

Andy’s specific refereeing interests are in the development of young match officials, using his coaching, assessing and mentoring skills to help them achieve promotion to the highest possible level

Robyn Johns

For over 20 years Robyn Johns (née Crawford-Smith) has not just refereed the sport she loves, but was breaking boundaries. Her passion is giving back to the community so she instructs and mentors with the aim of not just developing referees but being a role model, while helping referees be the best they can be and to help retain referees in this sport.

Alongside being a professional soccer referee and TheRef.Online’s USA Academy Program Manager, Robyn spends her time volunteering with Street Soccer USA helping the homeless and less privileged find focus, confidence, develop personal and interpersonal skills, alongside improving fitness levels, all through soccer education.

Stuart Martin

Stuart Martin is vastly experienced and is highly respected in football circles, having started refereeing in Huddersfield in 1967. Rising quickly through the ranks of semi-professional to professional football as a football league assistant referee, his high profile games included UEFA Cup matches in 1984 (Fiorentina v Anderlecht) and the League Cup and Milk Cup finals in 1986.

On retirement from active officiating, Stuart chose to continue his refereeing career by assessing in the English Football League and by qualifying as an FA Registered Instructor. He completed 25 seasons as a PGMOL assessor.

Having over 50 years in the game gives Stuart a unique skill-set and he will continue to bring his no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to referee education on behalf of TheRef.Online.