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  1. Difficult match. Very close (into the second overtime period) and lots of emotion. Mr. Cakir managed the match so he didn’t need to send anyone off. No cautions until the second half. His demeanor was controlled and professional throughout. Excellent performance in an important and very emotional match.

  2. How Lovren did not get a yellow card is beyond me, 3 heavy fouls in a short space of time, 2 of them bordering on reckless. Far side AR missed 2 balls out of play 1 for a CK 1 for TI. I like Cakir, he has excellent player communications but I think he missed a few fouls in this game, certainly not a 9

  3. Are you serious !, he was soft let them get away with cheap shots all match, they should have had at least two yellows in the first half for deliberate pro fouls and blocks. His lino missed two clear corners and an attacking throw in because he couldn’t see the ball was over the line from 2 yards away… poor. Missed a couple of free kicks round the edge of the box in good attacking positions. Lovren should have had a yellow in the first half and another in the second !. The Croatians swamped him loads of times and he did nothing so that’s not being strong, he was a 4/5 at best.

  4. Awful performance. Didn’t use VAR, kept his cards in his pocket and booked the wrong players when he did take his yellow out. Most games saw a yellow per 5 or 6 fouls yet in this game it was over 12 fouls per yellow. Inconsistent in the extreme.


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